Sunday, February 21

PMS Volcano

Today started out good.  I woke up feeling almost 100% like a normal person.  My stomach was a bit off still, but no cramping!  Stomach cramping is the worst, way worse then the vomiting I think.  Maybe I am used to vomiting from having "morning sickness" for 18 months when pregnant with both my boys.  I think the cramps hurt more then a good old fashioned vomit.  It's like a good cry, everyone feels better after one.

T was sick again this morning.. he tried for the toilette but hit the floor as well.  Half and half.  So I just said, oh well here we go, and cleaned it up.  After 5 days of mama cleaning vomit in the house what's one more puke?

T seemed to be ok after that (just like I said above) so we headed to the city.  We were meeting my 3 month old niece (and my sister and her hubby), and my brother and wife for brunch.  Made it ok and the boys were able to eat some fruit, bacon and ginger ale.
Cutest baby!  She is so smiley and happy.  When she is hungry all she does is dive bomb my sisters boobs.  Highly entertaining!

The boys and I headed to a park with coffee.  It was about 6 degress today!  Georgrous for a February day!  Superstore was next.  It went well without running over any crazy people with my cart.

When it was bedtime the boys refused to listen, my mean mama voice came out!  Once they were in bed I breathed a sign of relief and went to the bathroom, where I proceeded to sit on pee on the seat.  Mama was not impressed!

It took me a while to cool down, including a good cry.  Once I was able to pull myself together I asked hubby to pick up midol.

Time for a snack and bed.

Anyone else have explosive pms?

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