Saturday, February 20


Well people I made it to friday.  It was a rough week with the sick kiddos.  Then they shared with me and I have been sick for the past 2 days.  Now my husband is feeling a bit rough.  He never seems to be that sick when it comes to the stomach bugs though.  Not fair!

My boys were feeling good enough to go to daycare today (its family week so no school).  I went into work feeling ok.  But by 9:30 I was packing up to come back home.  I had to make sure the couch was not floating away!  I napped and ate some toast.  The flu is mainly gone but because I had not eaten anything for 2 days my body was exhausted.

I have not felt this bad since I had the flu when Cy was just 3 months old.  That time I thought I was pregnant again, I was ready to kill Q.

Finally feeling a bit better.  Friday ended with a cuddle from the boys and me falling asleep on the couch again.

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