Wednesday, February 17


Woke up this morning at 12:44 am to the sound of someone vomiting in their bed.  Followed by "mom...i threw up".  Cy had a stomach bug.  Poor guy.  I set him up in the living room with a blanket on the floor and a pot to vomit in.  After he threw up about 5 times Cy was able to go back to sleep.

At 2:30 am I was woken up by the sound of a little dude vomiting in his bed.  Followed by "mom...I threw up".  T had just joined his brother in the land of flu.  I set up T on the floor of the living room with his own pot to vomit in.

Then I dragged my sorry ass back to bed.  I tried to sleep but I had my ear open for if the boys needed me again.  It was a long night.  Cy was up first feeling pretty good at 7 am .  T slept on the floor until 9 am.  Cy still seems to be ok, pretty thrilled that we watched movies all day and played video games.
T is still feeling not great, just watching his brother play video games.

I was also bit by the flu bug, my coffee did not go down well.  I had a few sips and then had to pour the rest of it out.  I am going to try a bit more coffee in a bit.  I REALLY need my coffee today even if my stomach is not on board.

I hate when the kids are feeling like this.  With a headache you can give an advil.  With a cut you can give them a band aid and a kiss.  When they have a sore tummy all you can really do is give them cuddles and hope they can vomit enough to feel better.

Having a day at home nice and quiet has its benefits though.  I was able to finally get the whole monthly budget down on paper and see where we are at.  It's looking good!  When we get paid tomorrow we might be under by about $10.  Not the $450 we were a few weeks ago!

I also got a ton of cuddling done with the kiddos.  Usually they are so busy that they will not sit down for a cuddle for more then a second or two.

I was working at home yesterday because I had no daycare for family week.  Today we have the flu.  Also it looks like I will be working from home tomorrow as well.  I love being home with the dudes but there is something to say for the normal routine.

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