Wednesday, November 24


Daddy was home again cause framing in -25 degrees is just torture but the forecast looks better for tomorrow. The weather man says it should be up to -10 degrees. I hope so. I love having Q home with us during the week, he gets to experience regular day to day stuff with the boys. I am also happy that he will work tomorrow because we do need the money. Always need the money... but who dosen't? Eh?

We had another good day inside because of the cold. I helped Cy build a slide and stairs and a barn out of cardboard boxes. His little dinosaur played in the barn/ park for hours. At the end of the day we all say what our favorite part was and cy said it was the park we built. I love hearing that his favorite thing was a homemade pretend play activity.

I purchased the December 3 day program from I can't wait for it to come so we can start exploring what it has to offer. We tried the October one and it was great! Each day has a theme and a craft and a story and circle time. We have started our days to have a bit more structure so these outlines will help us incorporate some more waldorf into our days.

Here's a few more recent pics.. I have so many and so little time to post them... Enjoy!

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