Sunday, November 28

My Boys
The last sunday of November was a fun filled one. Daddy worked again to make up for the days he had off when it was so cold. Ter, Cy and I just relaxed all morning and i was able to finish my laundry. All my laundry! For the first time ever! Boy we really have too many clothes.

My plan is to go through all of our clothes for Cy and Ter and only keep the ones that I really like. They really do not need 12 pairs of winter pants each. It just makes for a ton of laundry and way too many clothes on the shelves, and falling off the shelves. I just need to convince the hubby to do the same with his clothes. He has about 3 trillion t- shirts! Way more clothes then I have. I am not perfect, but I went through my clothes last week and took out everything that I do not wear or is worn out, doesn't fit, ect. I wish to be VERY organized soon... Baby steps.. baby steps. Mabey Ter can teach me how!

Today we also went to the Canmore Christmas Artisans Market to visit my brother Dev who has Revolution Woodcraft. His pieces are designed and built by Devon. He is very talented and I am so proud of him! While we were there Ter walked 3 steps for Auntie Kim. We also hooked up with G.G to check out the craft sale with. G.G found some treats the Cy could eat. They were SO good. Little pretzels with white/peppermint chocolate on them and then each one had a red, green, or white jellybean. The best part is they are bite sized, just the perfect Christmas snack.

I am going to make these with Cy later in the Christmas season. At the sale I also found a few stocking stuffers for the boys. But I can't show you yet... its a surprise!

While I was reading Cy his bedtime story and singing his prayer Ter managed to take his diaper off himself! What a proud naked boy :)

Q came home and he bought a few chairs for the dinner table so now all of us can sit down at the same time... what a treat! After a long day at work for Q he is now enjoying some action movie and some chips... can a relaxed sunday night get any better? When I am done this post I am going to join him!

Merry Christmas Season!

Cy can blow his own nose now.. pinch and pull it seems that he is such a big boy, but he reminds me that he is " a little bit little" too!

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