Friday, November 12

Just A Friday

Teris is now 1 (photos of the B day to follow) I have affectionately named him "Teris the terror" because he gets into everything. The everything that he gets into always ends up in him mouth. Today for instance he got a hold of a brown marker, with the exception of a bit of marker on his nose there was no ink to be seen. On closer inspection this was because he sucked all the ink out! No more brown marker! Very proudly he held up the empty marker with a jaw cracking grin.

Cyrus's water monster... I'm not really sure what this is but it involved a plastic dino and the dog water dish...interpret what you will....

Teris has a new hobby. He strolls along the toy shelf with the push truck and picks up toys, after inspecting them h places the best in is truck and carries on his way... just like mama at the grocery store.

Ter also watched Cy to see how to push wooden trains... then tries himself.

Daddy leans over Cy in the Christmas sore in banff and pours juice all over him! He he he

Family food court Edo run... we all like it and its not really junk eh? eh?

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