Saturday, November 27

It's official folks Ter is WALKING!

The little man walking in the kitchen for the first time when I was holding his hand and then I let go. After a few moments he took a few steps for himself! I did not tell Q right away because I wanted him to see Ter walk for the first time. He just did in the living room to Q from the coffee table. It was the coolest thing to see, I love the first few tentative steps. Before we know it he will be walking and then running everywhere. ... you can see Cy's first steps HERE. Cy was 1 year and 3 weeks old when he walked.
Ter is 1 yr and 24 days old. They did it so close!

(The noise is Q's remote helicopter)

Cassie came over this afternoon and I watched all 3 of the kids for about 5 hrs. They were very good. They played nice and I was even able to finish my laundry, and do some dishes. It made me think that 3 kids may not be too much. But I think I am probably happy with the two boys that I already have. The best two boys in all the land.

We all went out to dinner with Auntie Kim (for her birthday), Uncle Devon, Auntie Kate, G.G, Auntie Sam, Uncle Mike, Cassie, and Marcus. It was great food. We went to a new Thai place that opened up in a coffee shop in the evening hours. I had the butter chicken which I have never had before and it was excellent! I cleaned my plate and almost licked it! I also had the Thai beer Singha. It is my favorite!

Later at home Ter walked for Q so I was able to write it here and let the world know!

Another great day on the home front... how was your friday?

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