Thursday, November 25

Today Cy, Ter and I tried to walk to play group but the weather was too harsh. It was actually warmer out then it has been but the wind was like a monsoon. It almost blew us over. Even now as I write this I can still hear the wind howling outside. It is spose to be warmer tomorrow so I cannot wait until we can go to the park again. It's been so long.

Cy helped me make a crisp today. He measured out all the ingredients and also helped me mix it. Then he scooped out the crisp while we moved it into the pan. It turned out to be the best crisp that I have ever tasted. The recipe can be found here Best Crisp Ever

Unfortunatly after Cy helped me with all the work he did not like the crisp and promtley spit out the bite he tasted. More for me!

I made Ter a cute little floor doll from the book "Creative Play for your Baby" I will have pics tomorrow when the doll is all finished. Hint: It has a cute knitted hat.

Cy and Ter saw santa on the weekend. Cy told him he wanted christmas cookie cutters so I guess that I have to get some for his stocking. That way he can believe about santa longer. The magic of christmas lasts only so long.

Ter also said "uh oh!" today. So adorable. He has such a cute voice and is constantly grinning.

When we were eating dinner cy said " I like this one (tomato) it has guts. I like to suck the guts out" Can't deny a 3 yr old his own food preferences.

Child of fairy , Child of earth is my new favorite book to read the boys. I cannot wait until the similar books I ordered from Amazon come in. I LOVE books, I only hope my boys will enjoy reading as much as I do.

Q was back at work today and I do miss him at home. Money is good but I wish there was something he could do from home.

Must go cuddle with hubby! Night Night

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