Tuesday, November 23

Mama's Day Off

Today Q took Cy to the city for groceries and home depot. It was a very rare afternoon with just Ter and I at home.

It was crazy how quiet it was... almost too quiet. I really missed my crazy dude running around and always talking and singing. You always want peace and quiet until you actually get it. I am good with just 1 hr our quiet, I don't seem to need more then that usually. Unless I am P.M.S ing but that is another story.

I was able to get my cleaning done, and I also washed the floors! It was a rare treat to be able to finish was I had started. I hate to leave things unfinished.

Q and Cy had a great day and cy even made a poo in a big boy potty at the home deopt... what a man!

Ter and I just hang out and cleaned a little and played a little.

Just now Q and I were chilling with Ter after Cy had gone to bed. Ter almost walked a few times! He can stand on his own... but he just lacks the confidence to take an independent step. He is constantly walking around tables and along the walls. He can also drink out of a cup! It was so cute to see him holding up a huge coffee mug to his face to get the smidge of juice at the bottom. He will definately walk before christmas... then I will REALLY have my hands full with 2 mobile boys!

I also baked a few loaves of bread before dinner but one was undercooked. I had made the loaves a bit bigger then I did last time. I forgot to adjust the cooking time for that. But they are still the best bread ever! I use the recipe from "Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a day", I borrowed the book from the library but I am considering buying for my own library.

Toy parade by Cy

Glu art and a snow bumbo

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