Tuesday, July 7

Pantry Challenge Part 2

Focusing on our food budget this month has been a eye opener.  That is where most of our money seems to flow out of the bank account.  Even though we are only about a week into the pantry challenge it looks like it will not be enough of a change to ensure that our budget does not hit the red.

This month so far we have had a ton of unexpected items come up that must be paid for:

Daycare - $1700, a far cry from our normal 190, but when school is out the kiddos need someone to watch them when hubby and I are both at work.
Car break pads, callipers, ect- $170, our breaks seized last week, so hubby is working on them (bonus of a mechanically inclined hubby)
Baby Shower- Love my sis and the gecko she is incubating J
Pictures- All I will say
Camper Van- Still a possibility.. not quite finalized yet.
Company golf tournament, our contribution.

So far this month we are looking at about 2000 more then planned.  With an additional 4000 if the van purchase comes through.

We have decided to carry on with the pantry challenge, but focus on using August to grow back the account, this month is a bust and sometimes you have to just enjoy the ride and not stress.

How is your pantry challenge going?

We picked 6 lbs of strawberries from the garden yesterday so that counts as pantry I believe.  Time for some yummy jam and cakes I think.

Good luck with the coming week.

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