Monday, June 29

Pantry Challenge Part 1

fresh ground heaven...

Once I convinced Q to join me in the pantry challenge (like he had a choice ;)  we got started right away.

On Saturday we ate only what we had in the house.  We just had to buy milk at the store, because you cannot have coffee without milk!

We have 2 small boys so coffee is essential to life.

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We headed to the city to pick up a new tire for Q's bike.  Then we headed to a splash park.  It was awesome!  Spending the afternoon watching the kids run around and form a band of little boys with water guns attacking all other kids and parents is the best way to spend a plus 30 degree day.

Unfortunately we had to buy Wendy's on the way home because the kids were trying to eat us while we drove.  None of us were going to make it home alive...

We also went to the grocery store tonight because we needed fruit, coffee, (see above), and some more milk, just the basics.  Since we normally spend about $160 at the grocery store a week in addition to extra food on the side and random stops at the store for a few things that turn into a $60 trip.  You all know what I mean.

So for the first 4 days this is what we spent on food:

Milk- $4.50
Wendy's-:(- $22.58

June 27-Wendy's :(
June 28-meatballs (fridge), rice (pantry), veg (freezer)
June 29- Hot dogs (fridge), and mac and cheese (pantry).

Good night all and good luck in the pantry challenge!

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