Friday, June 26

Budget Wake Up

Last night I took stock of our budget.  We had not been keeping track of it for some time so I wanted to see where we stood.  Knowing that groceries are a huge part of our budget I added up what we spent for the month of June so far.

We have spent over $1000! for a family of 4! in less then a Month!  Also Q's mom bought a bunch of groceries when she was here too!

I cannot believe that we had spent that much!  On top of that because school is out our daycare bill is more then double its regular amount.  In order for us to not be completely negative when we reach the end of the month we will have to do a Pantry Challenge!

If you read my Tips for Cutting the Housing Cost Post you know that we try to stock up on food when its on sale.  Well our freezer, and pantry are stocked full of food already.  \we even have tomatoes in the freezer from our garden last year!

I first created a list of all the food that we have in the pantry and freezer.  

Then I will create our meals for the next two weeks (at least) using only the food on hand.  We will still be able to buy milk, coffee, and the few things that are needed to pull the meals together.
Over the next 2 weeks I will post and take pics about the meals we made and record how much money is actually spent on food.   Hoefully the amount will be very little so we can save some dough and save the budget!

Join me!  Take stock of your pantry and freezer, save some money , and get creative!

Day 1:  Home made Tomato Soup, find the recipe here:  Garden Fresh Tomato Soup

          : bread to dip, pb sandwiches for boys (they do not like tom soup )

          Notes:I used frozen tomatoes and doubled the recipe, also I had no onion so I added a                          package of onion soup mix I already had
             Money Spent: None

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