Wednesday, July 15

Pantry Challenge Part 4

We have now completed our 2 week PANTRY CHALLENGE!  Cue- the music!

I want to say that it was a roaring success and we saved a ton of money, but I can't.  Our challenge was a success.  We used a bunch of food from the pantry/ freezer that would have normally sat until it probably went into the trash.  Also I think that we are much more aware of the amount of money we spend on food.  

It takes time to plan out meals, and use what you already have.  I agree that its much quicker to go to the store and pick up everything that you need for a meal without a second thought.  That is until you take a look at your bank account and wonder where all the money went again!

From the start of our Pantry Challenge we spent a total of $407  on food.  We usually spend $500 on food for a two week period.  There is still alot of room for improvement!  I wish we had spent less and eaten more form what we had at home.  
When it comes to challenges everybody wants to hear that you fed 20 people on $25 for a month!  But for our family, in the area that we live in that's just not possible. 
 I would be really happy with $300 for a 2 week period.
  We are ahead and I am pleased with the results!

How did your pantry challenge go?  Do you learn anything?  Will you do it again?  
Have a great night!

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