Saturday, July 11

Pantry Challenge Part 3

This week I found that the pantry challenge became a bit harder then the previous week.  It almost seems that you can actually "forget" the challenge.  Its like if a challenge that you are taking on is not on your mind all the time then it is easy to forget.  We have gone to the grocery store to buy some food to augment the challenge and bought things the we should be skipping on during this challenge.  Although for the most part the pantry and freezer are being cleaned out.  When you go to the store and some of your regular food is on sale, it does not make sense to pass it up!

Check out below the meals that we have eating this week.  Note that Harvey's was because we were out of town.

#1)- Calgary (Harvey's)
#3- Hamburgers & strawberry / rhubarb crisp-pantry, fruit from our garden.
#4- PORK, POTATOES, VEG (all freezer and pantry)
#5- Spaghetti and meat sauce, pantry, bought a jar of tomato sauce as we only had a bit left
#6- Griddle cakes and sausage (freezer and baking pantry)

Planning is succeeding!  Also I am  trying out the 21 day fix so I will be eating a ton more of vegetables!  I cannot wait until my garden produces more!

Other then the challenge we have had a great week!  Another 4.2 lbs of strawberries were picked from the garden today!  I will be making jam with some of them tomorrow (all the ingredients are in the pantry)

Q is away so the boys and I went hiking, and then later to the river to throw rocks.  They are both asleep already and I am feeling like I probably will not be far behind.

When my husband is away I always feel like I will do this:

But I usually end up doing this by 10 pm

Mountain Free/ Low Cost Activities this week:

Alberta Free Family Fishing Weekend July 11/ 12- No Licence?  No problem!

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