Wednesday, July 22

Meal Planning Monday (Wednesday Shhh)

I really meant to do my meal planning on Monday.  Get the week started right and organized, but Monday turned into Monday night.  Which let to Tuesday, and eventually Wednesday night. Where I sit now figuring out my meal plan for the week.  The best part about meal planning on Wednesday is that I already have 2 days figured out!

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Here is my Meal Plan for the Week- Hooking up with Org Junkie's Menu Planning Monday Link up
July 20- July 27

Monday- Meat Pie for kiddos Amy's Broccoli Pie (the best!) for me!
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Tuesday- Refried Bean Corn Tacos with Vegetables

Wednesday- Butter nut Squash & Parsnip Soup from My Darling Vegan & Beef Hot dogs

Thursday- Porcupines Skillet from 30 Handmade Days

Friday-  Possibly out for Dinner

What are your plans for the week?  Do you enjoy planning out the week or do you like to go with the flow?  It's been a while since I created a successful meal plan, sometimes I feel like its been forever since I have cooked!

I cannot wait until the weekend when I am going to make some of this!

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