Saturday, January 24

Run Free

I am aiming for an 8k run tonight once Q is done work.

After running around all day.  Kids went to swimming lessons, then a park date.  Mama is ready to have some run around time herself.

I am trying to train myself out of the need to have my shoes super tight.  I guess I am a bit OCD when it comes to having things feel like they are not moving at all.  When I put my shoes too tight then my feet get sore, sore like you take of your shoes and hobble around the house, Sore.  Not what I am looking for....

I think that I have found a half marathon Training program!  I will post as soon as I have confirmed that it is the right one.  Or at least the right one for right now.

Warm enough to wear my pink thinner tights!  Yay!

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