Tuesday, January 20

Gym Night

Tonight we finally got our act together to take the boys to family gym night.  It's held in our local school, just free play in the gym with any sport equipment that you want.

The boys had a ball!  They played with bouncy balls to see how high they could go.  Then a bit of badminton... but then one of them found the square skate boards.  Do you remember them from when you were in school?  They were always the best toy!  The kids asked me to race them on it, but I did not trust that my face would not connect with the floor.  Q and I stuck to badminton which I really enjoy.  We always take our rackets when we go camping.

The boys are even better then last year at throwing balls.  Its almost time for spring baseball again!

I tried a new Ham Slow Cooker Recipe today.  BUT, I substituted the maple syrup for agave nectar, the brown sugar for coconut sugar, and the apple juice for grape juice.  These were all that I had on hand, turned out great anyway.  Its from The Road to 31, Here is a link to the recipe if you want to give it a go!  It's my new favourite ham recipe.

Tonight I decided to do HIIT because I am missing running but trying to take a few days off.  I did the 30 min Full Body Conditioning Workout from Running on Real Food.  I changed it to 30 sec and 1 round of each.  I feel it already, exactly what I was looking for.

My husband grew his moustache out because I requested it, but now he has an issue,  How to hold back his hair while eating?  Rainbow loom or bobby pin?  You vote!

His hair keeps him warm when he is working...

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