Monday, January 19

1st Race of 2015

This weekend was my first race of 2015.

I ran the 10k Mec 2015 Series Race in Calgary.

The weather was plus 5, so nice.  After running in the coldest weather (-25) plus 5 was such a treat.

My sister ran the 5k.

My time was= 10k-1:10
Sister time= 5k-37:00

I felt really good during the race.  I ran with my sis the first 2.5k of the race.  She turned around at that point where I kept going.

A few times I felt all alone on the path... no one I could hear behind me and just the peek of someone in front of me during a straight route.  It was nice.  I am used to training alone (with dog) so I was used to the quiet.  The padding of my feet and some good music to rock to.

I probably looked like the crazy runner out there, just grinning away as I trekked along.  I love races because it is a way to prove to myself that my body is capable of amazing things.

A year a go I was still having trouble with my calves.  Even walking around the house was excruciatingly painful.  Now I can go out and run 10k without (much) trouble.  I would never say that running is easy, but it is never dull!

I did get a wicked migraine after my race (thanks Chinook)

At least it held off until after, I slept for about an hour until I felt human again.

Then it was a games night with sis and some friends.

Next day we all went to the bridal show at the stampede grounds... mom, sis, and her maid of honour.

I ate a ton of cake samples, It was fun but very interesting to people watch.  Ladies are crazy at that show!  Lots of them were dressed more like hookers and less like brides to be... must be a trend!

I am looking at my 10th anniversary this year so wedding planning is old hat!

I am now starting at least 5 days off of running before I start training for the Banff Half Marathon in June!  EEEEEK!

Last Weeks Training- Actual

Sunday: Off/ Yoga Weights - off 
Monday- Run 9- Done
Tuesday-weights/ IT BAND-Done
Wednesday- Run 7km- Run 5 km
Thursday-Weights/ IT Band- Off
Saturday- 10 K RACE!- Done

This weeks training plan:

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Yoga/ Zumba?
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: H|iit
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run
Sunday- Yoga long

One more tooth was lost and a visit from the tooth fairy!

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