Sunday, January 11


This January instead of having some new years revolutions I am going to start a Happiness Project instead.

These are my tentative areas so far:

January: Boost Energy & Vitality

  • Take vitamins
  • Kids take vitamins
  • Sleep @ 10:30 pm
  • Kids sleep @ 7:30 pm
  • Act more energetic
  • Sentence a day
  • Bedroom- decorate/ organize

February: Memories
  • start family yearbook 2014
  • order and put up pictures from Mike
  • Start scrapbook for kids
  • shadow boxes
  • empty old computer of pictures and recycle
  • Living Room- decorate/ organize
March: Choose Happy
  • act the way I want to feel
  • Deep breaths
  • play more
  • start activity chart
  • kids room- decorate/ organize

April: Love

  • less talk
  • no picky
  • appreciate the work
  • date night x2
  • no nagging
  • no dumping
  • tv free nights 2 x week
  • kitchen decorate/ organize
May: Kids
  • kids dates
  • activity charts
  • dinner at table 3 X week
  • listen to kiddos
  • bond after school, sit for snack with kids
  • front hall- decorate/ organize

June: Work Harder

  • finish 2 excel courses
  • get accounting certificate
  • start doing books for 1 client
  • advertising?
  • half marathon
  • garden organize/ set up
July: Create
  • garden work plan
  • knit 15 projects in 2015
  • project a month/ house
  • craft a week with kids
  • restart knitting group weekly
August: Pamper
  • paint nails biweekly
  • wax biweekly
  • get hair cut
  • practice make up
  • sort clothes and take stock of waredrobe

September: Routine
  • finalize family rhythm
  • finalize house cleaning routine
  • enjoy the new start
  • hire house cleaner monthly

Training Update:  Jan 11-17

Sunday: Off/ Yoga Weights - all depends on how I feel
Monday- Run 9
Tuesday-weights/ IT BAND
Wednesday- Run 7 km
Thursday-Weights/ IT Band
Saturday- 10 K RACE!

 This race will be my first 10 k since my injury over 3 years ago.  Also it will be my second race since I started running again!

After this week I am going to start a half marathon plan... but I am not sure which one to use yet.  For me I have to do yoga at least once a week.  Also I have to do my IT exercise at least 2 times a week.  Also 1 bath a week.

My goal is to finish and to still like to run when I am finished with no injuries.

I have been tying my shoes too tight lately.  I feel like my heels need to not lift up at all, but this makes my arches die.  Last week after my long run I could barely walk after.  This past Friday when I did a full 10 k I loosened my shoes, then my feet did not hurt!  Yay, but I have to retrain myself to not feel the need to have my shoes so tight.....

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