Thursday, April 8

Spring and Baking

The other day Q was cleaning out the garage when Cy found our flippers from Hawaii.  He was pretty good at walking in them right at the beginning!  He said that he was running away to Hawaii, so cute!  His first try at running away.

After the attempted run away Cy helped me to make some cinnibuns.  Since I used "fake egg" replacer because Cy and Q are allergic the buns did not rise how they were meant to.  They tasted pretty good but became hard within half an hour  so I had to toss them out.
The bread we made was a much bigger sucess.  In fact one of the loaves did not make it past 1 hour out of the oven!  I am going to make more bread tomorrow.  I used a no knead recipe for these and I have another no knead recipe to try but it takes less time.  Also it's a whole wheat recipe.
Q likes to hang out on my clothes line.  Too bad he doesn't like to fold my laundry too!
Here is also a video of Ter in the jolly jumper he loves it! 

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Laura's Blog said...

I love the video of Cy in the flippers, thats awesome, you should post it on facebook!