Sunday, April 4


Today I feel like poo.  Last night I was up for hours with stomach I just feel weak and queasy.  I think I ate too much eater treats.  I also had chocolate cupcakes for breakfast.  Possibly too much.

I have been reading the blog The Journey lots lately.  The woman on the blog went from living in a town to complete urban homesteading.  That is what I want to do with our yard.  I have read her blog from 2006 to recent to see how she did it.  Q even says I can get chickens if they are kept in the yard.  I can't wait....Chickens, goats, and  angora bunnies!

The garden is looking good.  All the seedlings are coming up and even some mystery mushrooms.  No! Not that kind of shrooms...i think.

Ter is 5 months and teething like crazy.  I wish his teeth would just come in and be over with at least for a few days until the next tooth starts.  The poor guy.  I am going to brew him some chamomile tea to dip a cloth in the chew on.

Q and I are switching rooms with the boys again.  That way we can fit the computer and my sewing table in our bedroom and away from the the kitchen table where we have to move it every night to eat.

I will have update pics soon!  I swear!

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