Wednesday, April 14

A Few Days Ago

Our internet has been down so these pics are from a few days ago.  I also have tons of pics to catch up on.  Below is Q's sweater, you can see I have finished one sleeve and the body.   The other sleeve is about 2 inches long.  Q doesn't want to start a new trend with one long sleeve and one short...I have no idea why not.  It's my first sweater and it seems to be taking me forever.  I started it at least a year ago...I will check back to get the exact date.  I hope to be finished it for him this fall...yes this fall in 6 months.  It's possible but by no means a guarantee!  I am VERY happy to have a sister that knits so I can ask her questions as I go, thanks Kate.  She is a flight attendant so she knits on the road...she is very fast.

Our greenhouse is taking off!  Q is having so much fun!  I am the silent observer.. the boys like to do the planting.  Out in the yard the garden has started also.  In the back we removed all the dirt from the veggie bed and put landscape cloth under and replaced the dirt.  We have been fighting with a weed vine since we moved in almost 3 years ago!  I felt like I lived in olden times digging dirt with a baby strapped to my back.  I also trimmed all the annuals and watered the bushes.  I found a website from calgary that gives you monthly list to do in the garden!  I love it. 
Before you think anything that is a yam.  We made yam muffins...they are awsome, they taste like pumpkin pie and this time we put chocolate chips in them.

Baking with toddler is very clean and organized!

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