Wednesday, April 7


Q and I have decided that we would like to become as self sufficent as we can.  Eventually we would like to live completly off the grid.  Growing our own food and buying organic meat from local farmers.  (I will never be willing to butcher animals I have raised)

We are starting small.  This month we have started our garden, turned off our clothes dryer, started a compost, and stopped using our dishwasher (it sucked anyway).

These are just a few things we have started any we have many more that we plan for this summer.  We want to install a wood burning stove into the living room, and make rain water collection barrels to use for the garden.  

I look outside and get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see our clothes swaying on the clothesline.  Is that weird?  Of all things to give me a fuzzy feeling, eh?

We are starting our urban homestead here where we live now but eventually we would like to buy 5 or so acres with a home we build or make self sufficient with solar panels and such.  I cannot wait.  I guess one step at a time.

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