Sunday, April 18

Gardening: Sow the Seeds

Today Cy and I planted Lettuce, Beans, Radish, Carrots and a Lettuce Mix.  The garden looks good, but that only filled about 1/4 of the total garden because we expanded our garden from 1 4 foot by 15 foot garden box to 2.  All of our seeds that we started inside are learning to harden themselves off outside so soon we can replant them. I think that we are going to have way too many vegetables.  I am okay with this though because then we can freeze them for winter and give away lettuce if we have too much.

I went for a run yesterday 40 min.  My first run all week without pushing the stroller with the two kids.  Wow, did it ever feel easy!  I guess pushing 38+ pounds is a good workout.  I am going to sign up with Laura to do the Mother's Day 10k in Calgary.  My first!  I am excited.

I started work this week, I just work 8 am-12:30pm right now at the golf course but later I will be starting at 6.  I am enjoying my work but I do miss my boys extremely.  One day I will be stronger... maby when they are 18.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as much as I am!

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