Sunday, July 29

Johnston's Lake

Had a great hike today around Johnston's Lake with the boys.  We saw a HUGE rainbow trout swimming just under the surface and numerous minnows.

The kids really enjoyed it.  They were really excited when we were finished and headed to the beach for some splashing and digging in the sand.  Ahhh it's a good life when that's all little boys want to do :)

I walked right into the lake and dived under, just as I did last time!  I thought that in my old age I was getting wimpy.... but I think not!

Today was the first day that I felt good enough to do anything, so I am so grateful for a healthy body.... I just hope it keeps this time.

After we joined the celebration of life of a young girl here in our town that passed away this week.  Very sad, she was a very special darling.

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