Saturday, July 21

Sander Lake Campground

Last weekend we went camping (finally).  I called around and since we are toying with the idea of moving to Golden BC , we decided to go camping there.

Using a search engine I called the first campground on the list.  Sander Lake Campground.  I was very surprised to hear that they had room for us, and that that the price was only $20!

This campground also being on the lake rents canoes for free for people to use.  They provide life jackets.  They also have a few children's climbing toys and a trampoline!  What more could you ask for?

The drive was good, up a steep switchback hill at the end, the signs were large and easy to follow.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous place.  Lots of trees, very quiet and the nicest couple that runs the place.  We wished we were able to stay more than one night.

The next morning we took out a canoe despite the pouring rain, but it was warm because it's BC!  We saw a family of loons and lily pads.  A great first time canoeing for our boys.

We are already making plans to return, look it up online.   This is a great campground.

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