Tuesday, July 24


We are sick again.  I went to the doc yesterday because it feels like I have liquid in my ear and it was in a lot of pain.  The doc said he could see my ear drum bulging.  Doc recommended that I take sudafed instead of antibiotics because it wasn't infected yet, just to drain the fluid.  I have been doing that, no more pain but still some fluid so keep your fingers crossed!

Also Cy had a fever and felt under the weather with a sore throat.  Looks like Strep, we are waiting to hear about the swab he took.  Any idea of how to keep ourselves healthy?

We already eat mostly healthy food.  But I am afraid that lately we have gotten farther away from our healthy eating.  Possibly too many late nights this summer and not enough tea?  I am open to suggestions.  I am getting worried for what we are going to pick up when Cy starts school... will there be any end?

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