Wednesday, August 8

KYOWAN 1999-2012

Last Friday we said goodbye to a great guy.  Kyowan our dog that Daddy has had since he was a puppy passed away, after 13.5 years.  Kyowan was the most loyal, friendly, cozy dog that anyone could ask for.  I still remember the glare he gave me after I started dating Q, and kyowan was kicked off the very small futon.
He gave me a look that said "with great power, comes great responsibility"

Kyowan was my running partner for years and with him I never thought twice about bears or coyotes or cougars.  He made me feel safe.  When we went hiking I am very slow and Q would be ahead but Kyowan would always run back to check on me.... he would even look for Q when we went out just the 2 of us.

I miss his presence, but most of all I miss him.  He was stinky, ate the garbage, and stole food, but I would do anything to have him here with us for another 13 + years.

He was Quintin's buddy, they went climbing, back country skiing, and hiking together.  On a huge road trip out east where Kyowan discovered that he had altitude sickness, so out of the mountains he actually enjoyed the car.  Usually he drooled in the back with the occasional vomit.  It was worth every trip though, so that he could come hiking for hours with us.

He also used to "save" us when we went swimming, but you had to stay away because his nails were very long!  Then he would shake, he could soak a person 10 feet away!  Every spring after we found ticks on him we started shaving him early (april).  He would jump into the river and right back out!  Without hair he had no insulation ;)


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