Wednesday, March 9

Yesterday the boys and I had a great day! After last week where Mama couldn't seem to feel energetic physically and mentally, this week is shaping up to be better.

On Monday I watched Sam's kids for the morning. Other then M wailing like I've cut off his legs the morning went pretty smoothly. After lunch we went to Coffee & Scream... where the kids screamed and the mama got tipsy on coffee! Oh how we love our coffee!

T made a friend, about Cy's age that stuck himself to T for the whole time we were there! Cy had a blast, there were a ton of balls to play with.

Tuesday we went to Superstore to get some groceries. Cy was a very good dude! In the afternoon Cy and I worked on is new puzzle. 750 pieces! It's coming along... then I made sheperd's pie for dinner and it was awesome!

Today we went to the library and the park after.. it's meant to be warm but it's still -4. I will take it though... it's not minus 17!

I also worked out the last 2 mornings so that may be a reason for my mental happiness!

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