Saturday, March 26

Scary Night

So It's been a while. I am using my MAC and uploading from our camera is really annoying on here, I hate to post without pics so...

A few days ago we bought T a new kind of Soy milk thinking no big deal. At 3 am he woke up (as he usually does) to have a drink and we gave him the soy.

Within 10 min he was covered in hives and having trouble breathing! After a quick stop at the foothills hospital we ended up at the children's. Poor T on our way there his hives got 10 times worse! He looked so funny with big swollen red ears that even the nurse laughed at him :) After vomiting on the admit nurse T proceeded to play with all the toys and pretend that he was not sick at all! Then a nurse came and gave him benadryl and a doc looked at him briefly. He just told me not to give him the soy milk....

Then we went home... poor kiddos they were so tired it was 7 am by this point, Q took the day off work and we all slept in until 10:30am!

Nothing gives you more fear then having your babe go through something like that! It's like my sister said..." if they cut themselves or break a bone you know it can be fixed (normally), but when they have reaction and have trouble breathing you get so much fear! I'm so grateful for Q because I was barely holding together at the hospital. I could feel the tears threatening behind my eyes while I talked to the doctor! Even now thinking about it makes me want to weep!

Thanks to all the hospital staff and to those who designed the children's waiting room! It keeps a 3 yr old happy at 3 am!

Next task: allergy testing!


cassietales said...

So glad he is ok!!

Laura's Blog said...

Glad he is ok too! Poor little man! Need to come see u all soon!