Thursday, March 10

Reading our new library books. (sideways pic arg computer!)
Puzzle progress (750) pieces
Tater tot cassarole... so yummy
More reading
A picture in milk

Today Cy became a man... or at least a big boy. Every night he asks Q or I to sit with him and cuddle for a few minutes before he goes to sleep. He has done this since T was born 15 months ago! Tonight he asked me to leave! He did not need me any more. This may be because the boys are now sharing a room, or because he is just older. But Mama is not ready to end this ritual quite so soon... :( I wish I had cuddled with him more instead of always looking forward to going downstairs to relax... I will miss the cuddles! I WILL make sure to enjoy every moment of cuddles I get in the future. Cy also said "can you scoot over mama?" sooo cute!

Also T almost said Moon, since I pointed it out yesterday he loves to see it and make sure everyone sees it too. It was also in the book we read tonight. What a treat to a little dude!

We went to play group in Exshaw today and it was great to see everybody.

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