Wednesday, March 2

Ok! Already!

Today I was able to fight off multiple attacks from a rainbow colored dragon. Those dragons are pesky buggers. Lucky for us our dragon has a bladder problem, every time Cy goes to pee the dragon is already on the potty. Oh the imagination of a 3 year old is a beautiful thing!

Later we colored our own rainbow dragons. Ter was able to get marker all over himself and also he pulled the ink part out of the markers. Shouldn't those be make more durable? Ter says NO, NO NO,NO ,NO with an accent, he sounds like a little British man.

I finally finished sewing the curtains for the boys room. They are in the laundry right now and then I will hang them. A friend of Sam's on face book had pics of her kids rooms and they were actually decorated! They inspired me to get my act together so that I do not just have a house...I have a home!

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