Monday, June 25

Still Sick

If you have been folllowing my blog you will notice that I have been sick since the first week of May.  After 1 bout of antibiotics I felt better for 3 days and then picked up somthing else or the old one came back.

I am so sick of being sick, everyone I know is sick of hearing me wine about it.  Evern I am sick of hearing myself wine about it.... is there no end?

I also have not been working out because every time I do I either cough myself into oblivion or I feel so run down that I feel even more sick.  ( If that is even possible)

I just want to lay down and have a good cry or possibly switch my entire nasal cavity's for new ones.... hmmmm that might be an option. :)

Hope all you out there are feeling healthy and I will continue to try every thing I can think of to get healthy.

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