Sunday, June 3

Busy Summer... so far!

So yes I've been hiding from the blog world for a while...
As you have probably noticed I really like to post pictures with just a little writing about what we have been up to.
Well lately I have been trying to pay more attention to the boys, less Internet until after they are asleep.  Only doing one thing at a time, so if we are building a tower then that is all I am doing too.  Not the usual laundry/dishes/check e-mails/ think about budget stuff.

There are so many moments that I miss by simply trying to do too much.  Plus usually I seem to be having so much fun lately that I forget to take pictures... I have a few but not the usual amount.

We bought fishing rods the other day.. mine is PINK!  Cy has a mickey mouse one, and T has a penguin one.  Q doesn't have one yet, next paycheck.  So legally he cannot fish yet until he has a licence anyway. I am the one with the licence and the kids do not need any until they are 16.

So a man hooked a fish but cy reeled it in...

I am also trying to finish my accounting course, only the questions from one chapter and 1 more chapter then finished!  It's very hard to concentrate when you are sick.

Crab apple tree blossoms

We're going fishing! Yay , T did you here that we are going fishing!  T? T? do you hear me?

Yess I am sick again.  After 4 weeks of sinus problems a few days of antibiotics cleared it up.  Then after 3 healthy days, my sister who shall remain nameless, with kids.... shared the cold they have.  Now we are all sick again and my sinusus are screwed again.  I hope that I do not end up needing the antibiotics this time.... fingers crossed.

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