Tuesday, April 12

Mec 10 k

Last Saturday I completed the MEC #2 race- 10km.  I completed the race in 1:10.  This time was awesome!  Almost my best time.  This race had 124 meter gain up the hill, then 70 km winds at the top and back down.  I had a wicked negative splits for my time!  I actually really enjoyed this race.

My sister completed the race as well.  I did nit run much with L though as she is still getting back into training after a few injuries.

I have been struggling this week with weights and running.  Trying to find the energy to do weights as well as running is always hard for me.  Last year when I was training for my half marathon I fell off the weights wagon.  My legs were not as strong as they should have been.

I am trying to find a balance to do both.  I have become bored with my current weights routine.  Today I did a Zuzka ZWOW HIIT workout.  IT felt really good!

I may do Hiit once a week and 2 full body weight workouts are what I am looking at.  Or possibly 2 upper body weights and 1 lower body weights.

Do you run and lift... how do you balance it?

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