Saturday, March 12

Running and Building

Its been a very busy few weeks!  My knitting has not been touched at all!

T went to see the eye doc at the hospital.  He has a cataract that was found in his first ever eye exam.  They are going to do surgery at the end of April.  They just take out the old cloudy lens and put in a new one!
I am excited and a bit nervous.  It's so far away that I am not getting very nervous yet, ask me again as the day gets closer.  T is more worried about glasses that he will probably need after.  I am sure there will be more questions and worry as we get there!  But he will be able to see which is more then his eye is doing at the moment!

I have been running quite a bit.  I have not solidified my running plan yet for the half marathon but I really need to get to that today or tomorrow!  My last long run was last Sunday where I ran 4.6 miles!  It was a beautiful and warm run!


Cy has his last hockey practice this week. They asked all parents and kids to jump on the ice and join in the scrimmage!  It was great!  I t brought back all my memories of playing hockey as a kid.  Q feel a few times :).  T is ready for hockey next year!

At work we do volunteer hours. Yesterday we went into the town and built some bridges for a new trail they were making!  IT was so fun, 8 degrees.  MUCH better then doing paperwork in the office.  This year part of my job has become Volunteer Coordinator so I get to choose, and organize the volunteering opportunities that we do!
 Stay posted for my updated half marathon training plan!  Happy weekend to everybody!

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