Wednesday, May 22


Today was an ok day.  In fact it was kinda good.  The boys had a good sleep despite the fall that T had out of bed around 11pm.... he didn't remember it.

I had an ok day at work... a bit of chaos but that is everyday at work so no biggie there...

When I finished work and went to get the boys it was pouring... I decided that it would be pizza night.

Cy was a bit crazy when I picked him up.  Whiney and lying on the floor.  What I wouldn't give to have no whiney kids!

T fell asleep in the car on the way home.. Cy wanted to play in the rain.  After I put him in his rain gear (that I left at home this morning, shit)  he played with the (river) that flows down our road every time it rains.  There are no gutters and there are no proper sidewalks.

He really had fun in the rain splashing and kicking the water.  One of our yellow flowers(daffodil but not daffodil) has opened up! Yay!

T woke up and whiney ensued( again what I wouldn't give for none of that)  I gave him pizza and he seemed to be appeased.

Then Q came home and he was a grump!  Hello go to bed when your wife tells you to so you are  not so freaking tired at the end of the day.  The tv pauses but the kids and wifey do not!

Q was just reading this over my shoulder so I put that in for him :)

After dinner we played Hoot owl Hoot and we won this time!  The boys really enjoyed playing and we need to do it more often.

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