Monday, May 7


Found mites on the tomato plants, and on the pumpkin plants!  AAAARG!  The leaves have little white spots on them and some are drying out and dying.  (leaves not plants)

Found THIS  to kill them.  So I have just trimmed all lower leaves and chopped them up, ready to spray everything tomorrow.  I really hope it works, have had very good luck with these plants so far so we would be very disappointed to loose them to minuscule invaders!

Boys and I had a great day today!  I woke up at 6:30am, before the alarm. (I know, crazy eh?)  Had nice coffee/e-mail check by myself.  Then boys got up.

The boys strung beads on pipe cleaners for almost an hour while I knitted (yay!)  Then we made pizza dough cookie, very yummy, the recipe is HERE.

Off to playgroup we went.  Met up with Heather and her crew.  Went to the park after then back to our house for Popsicles.  Lindsay walked by so she stopped in with her crew too!  Lots of kids in our yard, it felt like a park :)

Then Cy requested a movie and both boys lounged  on the couch and watch Bambi, they were worn out, Mama also watched quite a bunch too.  I really like that movie, so mellow and so many lessons too.
I finished the laundry finally.  Not a stitch of dirty clothes in the house other then what the boys and Q took off before bed.  Hopefully I will be able to stay on top of it.

The boys and I headed outside for another hr of play and garden before a dinner of hot dogs and butternut squash soup.  Then Q came home and bed for the boys.  They both complained before bed but 5 min later ..... silence :) two happy sleepy boys

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