Sunday, May 6

Garden Days

We spent another whole day in the garden.  The other day... Friday we spent 5 hrs in the garden.  The boys just ate pb sand for dinner because we were outside until 7:30 pm playing and gardening!

I LOVE summer!  Even though we had snow Friday morning, I drove to work in slushy snow :0

Unfortunately lately I have been too busy with the boys to get any pictures of the boys.... tomorrow for sure.  I have finally emptied all the pics from our camera so I can use it again.

Here are some pics of the garden and Roxy's sweater I made her last year... I just found it.

Went for Tea at Kim and Devon's new house yesterday.  It's very beautiful and so much room!  The boys ran circle around the kitchen, but the only person worn out when we left was Kim I think. HEE hee

 Strawberry patch "before" check back for my "after" later this week

 Baby corn! All of our corn has come up this year :)

Old pic from cy July 6, 2009- times have changed

 Fairy house that Q put next to raspberries

Not sure which boys hand this is....

Roxy's sweater

My Snack Jack pumpkin...all our old ones went rotten so we replanted them :)

Strawberry flowers, already!

Tomatoes and pumpkins getting some fresh air, they will be planted next week with our lettuce, carrots, radish, beets, zucchini, beans, and peas.... I think that's everything.

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