Thursday, January 19

Our Days

Thank you Santa for the new LEGOS! They have been used everyday and the boys can both handle them with no problem.

I finally got around to cleaning the fish tank.... they look happy eh?
Hard to see but T is sleeping on his tummy with his hands clasped behind his head. After I took the pic the "click" startled him and he gave me the most wicked glare before falling back to sleep :)

I finished T's name banner to match the one I made for cy last year. Yes there are threads, this is made from old jeans and the threads add character.
I am trying to follow a more regular rhythm with the boys and as a family in general so we can fit in everything that we want to do. Including crafts. I will write my rhythm at the end of this post if you are interested.
Yummy chocolate chip scones that T and I made for breakfast today. T mixed and did a great job, very little spillage. Now I have 2 helpers for my kitchen.
My 2 week menu. We are on a VERY tight budget and if I get lazy it's impossible to stick to. I made a 2 week meal plan and bought all the groceries at once. Anyone have a chest freezer we can buy? Meal plan at the end too.
Dominos cy :)

Daily Rhythm

Wake: Mama @ 7, boys whenever they wake (7:15-8am)
Clean up-boys play
Play together- legos, blocks etc
Snack 10am
walk/yard or wild indoor play
lunch 12 pm
Rest T, Cy plays puzzles etc
Cy Hangs with mama
Snack: 3 pm- T wakes
Day Activity- Baking, painting, coloring, craft, housework or games
Story Time
Dinner prep- kids free play
Play or activity while mom cleans up
Daddy home -wrestling

Wednesday am-cy school, mama t date
Thursday- all school afternoon
Friday/sat am mama work daddy days
Sunday-family day, hike etc

Meal Plan
I don't have set days, I just make what I feel like that day :)
1. Oatmeal & Juice
2.Coconut Banana Bread & Cottage cheese
3. Cereal day & Banana
4. Breakfast Cookie & fruit
5. Scones & Cottage Cheese
6. Fluffy Pancakes & Breakfast Sausages
7. Smoothie

1. Baloney, crackers, cheese, green beans
2. PB & Jam & fruit
3. Cheese quesadilla & Apple
4. Hummus pita and veggies
5. Leftovers
6. Soup and bread & almonds
7. Pasta salad and meat balls

1. Tacos (cook all ground beef at once and freeze)
2. Fast sloppy lentils, bread and veggies
3. Frozen fish/ meatballs or sausage & veggies
4. Black bean lasagna and salad
5. Shepard's Pie and veggies
6. Pasta and beef
7. leftovers

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