Thursday, January 12

Halfway through January

This year I have decide to have more activities planned for the boys. Not huge or elaborate stuff just some fun things that we can do together. We have also implemented a daily outing time, right after snack time in the morning we either go to the park or for a walk. Having the same time every day for the boys makes the day flow better.
Since we have started the rhythm Cy and I have been getting along, I have had NO days yet that I have been wishing that Q would get home sooner so I can get a break :)

We celebrated Three Kings Day! January 6th

Tracing the alphabet
Counting Carrots
Tower Building

Less Toys = More Playing
I finally got around to organizing the toys and I am going to rotate once a week. I also add a few homemade Montessori activities for the boys.

Q had his work Chrstmas Party VERY late. We stayed at the hotel overnight, with no kids (Thanks GG and Aunti Katie), Great food and tons of dancing... I had blisters the next day. Can't wait until next year.
Some sad news. Our old dog (13) Kyowan wasn't doing well and lost a ton of weight. We took him to the vet and found out he has lymphoma. Very advanced :( Now we are just trying to make him comfortable for his last chapter of life. Q has had him since he was 6 months old. I met him when he was 3. He has had a great life, hiking, skiing, rock climbing... ect. We are going to miss him so much. But our old dog Taffee that passed away from Bladder Cancer 2 years ago is watching over him.

Yes! These are my abs (shhhh don't tell anyone this was after having food poising for 2 days...)
Cy can work the phone booth.

Can you spot the wolverine?

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