Monday, October 31

Halloween/ T Birthday Party

Welcome to the crazy season. It seems that everything starts in Fall and nothing ends until January. The crazy birthday season at our house.

We had a Halloween Party at the community hall in Exshaw on Sat. It was fun but it seems that after the kids get their prizes of candy most people book it out! After just and hour and a half most people were gone and tables were starting to be folded up! Never seems to be enough time to really have some fun, so rushed.

Then my brother an his girlfriend took the boys for their very first sleepover! They did great, we did NOT get a call at 2 am yay! They played and went for a walk then watched a movie and hit the sack. K said they fell asleep within a few minutes.

The next morning they woke up early at 6:45am (they usually wake between 7:30-8). They had pancakes and a bath then I txted them to see if they were ok because it was 9 am and our house was feeling very quiet.

Q and I went to Banff for a movie and dinner, then we went to sleep and actually slept through the night! Yay, I felt very rested the next day but boy did I miss my boys.

The next day was T birthday party. I decide to keep it mellow after the crazy that was Cy's party a few weeks ago. I made a hockey rink cake. My dad came early so I put him in charge of the cake decorating. (just like old times) We had our friends from Calgary come and all the kids were so excited again to see each other.

All the gifts were great and every one has already been played with! Thanks everyone :)

Before bed we watched The Mighty Ducks- a hockey movie from 1992, a classic that I have seen a million times.

A very great weekend but so tiring! Today we are carving the pumpkins, play group party, then going trick or treating.... one day mommy will be able to rest :)

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