Wednesday, October 12

Cyrus Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated Cy's birthday! He turned 4 on Oct 5. I still can't believe that I have a four year old.

He has been really interested in rocket ships and space ships for a while now so I decided to make him a rocket ship cake. It turned out really well. Quintin bought me some aliens to put in the ship. Despite what it looks like I am NOT torturing the baby below. He is just trying to steal my icing!

Quintin bought some long balloons at the store and after watching you tube. He was able to make quitea few balloon animals. Perhaps he will be hired out for parties now? He made a dolphin hat, bunny, frog, flower, poodle, and a snake.

Cy's buddies came out from Calgary and then they didn't want to go, but that's ok we will see them in a few weeks when his brother T turns 2!

(photo credits go to Auntie Lauren for being on the ball, thanks!)


Lauren said...

There was no torture just an entertaining situation for all the adults at the party!

TamaliMama said...

Ah yes! See adults get to eat their cake in piece too (well relative peace) :)