Friday, April 22

Earth Day! Zoo Easter...

We went to the zoo for Easter today! A ton of fun was had by all. First we met up with Sam & Mike, Cassie an Marcus. Then we went through the hippo/giraffe house. The afrian pigs had a new baby! We were at the zoo a few weeks ago and the baby was not born then... brand new.

Then we headed to the Tent for a magic show. The show was fun, but even more fun when Daddy got to participate with all the other big daddy's!

Then a dance group came on from Pulse. They were so fun and they taught us some moves, both the boys and mama and daddy danced! Too bad no film from the dancing :(

We lost Sam and Mike before the magic show never to be seen again!

After the show Cy wanted to go in the bouncy tent so in the line we waited! He had a blast and listened so well when it was time to get out.

After the tent we looked at some more animals, then heated up our lunch ad sat by the elephants to eat. Lucky us a zoo interpreter was doing a show on the elephants so we learned some new info while eating. Elephants have 6 sets of teeth, they fall out every ten years!

On to see more animals and Cy ad T met the easter bunny!

Then the kid train drove by so we HAD to go on it. Q ended up with too many coupons so a ride on the Carolsel was in order.

More animals then finally home after a very short ride through the dinos! 5 hours later we were back in the car ready to do a little Easter shopping and drag ourselves home :)

Now that's a family day!

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