Saturday, April 30

Cy had his haircut for the first time today! No more people calling him a girl (even though he doesn't look like one). Also no more of him having to push the hair out of his face every time he wants to do something. He looks adorable.. like such a big boy, pic to follow tomorrow because I am having trouble working Q's new phone. It is a shaggy surfer cut, think Owen Wilson, but much , much cuter :)

We also bought him a new Toy Story travel bag that has wheels so he can carry his own stuff to the airport and on the plane. Ontario in a month... yay he will look so snazzy!

Ter talks a ton now, still mostly baby talk but we know what he says ( bread, apple, want, more, that, dada, mama, kitty, zena, luna, henry, up, go, ) lots to come i'm sure!

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