Monday, September 20

A many knits later

Despite the fact that I have not been busy here blogging I have been very busy indeed.  
I have been knitting up a storm (although not even close to the speed that my sister knits). 
I have been working in Q's sweater, yes the one that I started back in 2008.  Lucky for my Q never gains weight so when I finally get around to finishing the sweater it will still fit him.  Q is tall 6 foot 3 so that is a lot of sweater to knit...  in pattern no less!  So after looking at brown, a brown that never seemed to end I put that sweater aside and started a new one.  

For ter...very small ( 12 month old) and quick all knit stitch with bulky yarn... in a very bright blue.   After finishing about half I ran out of blue.  This yarn is no longer available to buy so I added some beige.  When I am finished... which will be soon Ter will have a very cute patchwork sweater.  Then I will return to my sea of brown to finish Q's, hopefully before the winter season is through.  Yes it's only Sept, but I DID start in 2008.

This past week or so we have all had the flu, that we all thought was a cold until the fever hit us.  Ter got it the worst with a high of 101.7 F totally sucks!  I think we may all be feeling better soon, or I hope so!  

I got a call to alter 3 pairs of pants, so I have been busy.  I brought them over to the client and made some $.  Yay add it too the debt!

Snow today and more for tomorrow but the garden still gives zuccini.  I just hope the tomatoes make it!


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