Thursday, September 9

Dinner at Devon & Kim's

Big robot
Uncle devon's creation

Last night Auntie Kim and Uncle Devon had Ter, Cy and I over for dinner.  Q was in calgary overnight for work.  After a good dinner or spaghetti we all started building with the jenga blocks.  Cy told Devon that he's a "good builder" so he needs to build next.  The crazy jenga creation is what he built.  As you can see Cy could not wait to knock it down.  The destructor loves to create carnage!  Unfortunately the destructor was overtaken by the wooden dino that pinched his finger and would not let go.  Ice to he rescue! Ter was crawling all over the place and pulling up on anything he can get his hands on.  A few times he just let go and stood there until he realized that he was standing them he would fall.

After dinner we came home to get settled into bed.  The boys went down surprisingly easy considering daddy wasn't home.  They were only setting me up though.   Both boys have a bad cold so they were up off and on all night with coughing and congestion.  Right now Cy hasn't gotten up yet and ter is falling asleep on the boob.  Glorious quiet for a few minutes.

At 9:30am I have my first apt to alter clothes.  Yesterday I finally got a call...I placed my posters ages ago and all the numbers were ripped off but no calls...until yesterday.  I am a bit nervous though...I've only altered my own clothes.  It has always worked out but I am still nervous about someone else's.  Wish me luck!


Laura's Blog said...

you'll do great!!!! good job on the altering. What are your rates? I need to place an order.

Laura's Blog said...

nice robot