Friday, February 6

Vitamin D Helps Prevent MS

I was listening to CBC yesterday in the morning (yes now I listen to talk radio, shhhh!).

New research has discovered that by taking Vitamin D when you are pregnant and suplimenting your baby's diet with it up until 5 years will help prevent MS.

"Our study implies that taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and the early years may reduce the risk of a child developing MS in later life," said the study's lead author, Dr. Sreeram Ramagopalan. (via

Studies also show that Canada has one of the largest numbers of cases of MS. Possibly because we are so high up in the northern hemisphere. It is not possible to get all your vitamin D from sun exposure because of the lack of direct sunlight. Plus we want to avoid skin cancer, so don't forget your sunscreen.

After discovering this new information I will never forget to give my son his Vitamin D again!

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