Sunday, February 8

Sleep Glorious Sleep!

Finally our baby of 16 months sleeps great! I can finally say great because up until 1 week ago to get baby to fall asleep either me or my husband had to sit in baby's room and keep our hand on baby until he finally decided to go to sleep. We had a classic case of a baby who could not self sooth!

If baby was woken up by anything during the night he would have to have booty (boob) in order to settle down, if I was really lucky he would fall asleep while eating and the transfer to his crib would go well. If not then at least 30min of standing in the room with baby would happen until he went to sleep.

Enough was enough after almost 2 years (pregnancy induced insomnia) of no sleep I was at the end of my rope and my hubby was hanging off the end.

I went to my local library (LOVE!) and took out the book:

5 Days to a Perfect Nights Sleep for your child.

This is the best book ever! A very small book, about 60 pages if that, and so very helpful.

You start a bedtime routine, places baby in bed then leave and check on them at timed intervals. We did try a similar method before but it did not work, our baby was tramatized! We could not even go into the baby's room to change him without baby getting upset, it was awful.

This method was so straightforeward and simple, and very gentle that by the 4th night our little man takes less the 10 minutes to go to sleep on his own! Also he sleeps longer 9 hours 2 nights ago and better! No fuss, no crying, just great, quiet sleep!

Now our little man still gets up once in the night for booby but until I am willing to night wean him I accept this very short (10 min) interuption. I am certain that when I do choose to wean him that full nights of sleep will be ours!

I suggest this book to anyone that is having trouble getting baby to sleep and trouble teaching baby how to sleep by himself!

Good Luck! This could be your baby soon!


Cassie's Place said...

Sleeping like an angel!!! I knew he could do it, but I think you should tell the truth - it is really because he is sooooooo tired from chores.

Poor little cinderella man

Love Auntie Sam

Laura said...

I love the photos, they are great, keep the info coming!

Auntie Laura (lula to the little man)