Sunday, June 1

June 1st

It is June already and I am not sure where the time has gone!

The boys are in T ball and liking it.

We went to the bike park (hills and bumps) with Scouts the other day and it really helped Cy with his confidence and skills on the bike.  Even T with his training wheels got on the bumps and went down the big hill!

They were both so proud and ready to go back.. this week we will hit the bike park again.

Went to a friends b day today.  I work with K and her little guy turned 2 today.  Was really nice to get out and see some friends.  It seems that most of the time Q and I would rather stay home because we r tired.

But seeing friends and hanging out with them really energizes me.

I started running again!  Run 1 min walk 1.5 min for 20 min.  I went for my fourth run today...

My knee/IT band is feeling much better and I can tell when I am walking wrong because of my calf.  With my physio we figured out that ny sciatic nerve is getting pinked which is causing pain and tingling in my calf.  If only someone had figured this out 3 years ago!
  But I will stick to my physio at least 4 times a week, yoga once and strength 2, then some rest as well.  I aldo do a special warm up before I run now.

The boys went to their new school the other day to meet teachers and see the classroom, they are both super excited!

I am so excited that they are excited!

Taa taa for now!

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